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Every vehicle is test driven to verify transmission, engine, and mechanical operation. The inspection addresses:

  • The level and condition of all accessible fluids (some vehicles have sealed units, such as transmissions, and the fluid levels of these units are not accessible).
  • Testing operation of the climate control system and other integral components of the vehicle and the functionality of those components.
  • Evaluation of the interior and exterior of the vehicle for any obvious damage or signs of repairs. We will also run a full diagnostic scan to verify potential issues or MIL codes present
  • Supporting evidence for exceptions that might be on the report, in the form of photos

Our facility uses state of the art vehicle testing and diagnostic equipment. Currently our center is using the top of the line Snap-On Versus scanning diagnostic computer, a Snap-On Alignment Audit tester, an in ground Brake Efficiency Tester, along with other testing systems.

Our personnel individually have over 20 years in the automobile industry. They are ASE Certified and many members are instructors with credentials in the automotive service industry.

Yes, we can email, text or provide you with a link to your inspection report...

If you are looking to buy a used vehicle, you need to validate the real condition of the vehicle. This will determine the value of that vehicle and the amount you are willing to pay for it.

We all know that a "Used" automobile is not in an ideal condition. Therefore, an independent inspection will provide the much needed insight into the real condition of the vehicle. With this knowledge, buyers can gain the confidence to make an informed decision and come up with a fair purchase value. Better safe than sorry right?

Car MRI is an independent, customer oriented, vehicle inspection service that combines leading edge technology with industry experience to provide a unique, trustworthy liaison between buyers and sellers and their vehicle needs.

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