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Save Thousands

Save thousands of dollar by inspecting a used car before you buy.

Full inspection report

Selling a car? Increase the trade-in value by providing a full inspection report.

Less than 60 minutes

All inspections in 60 minutes or less.

Be Smart

Be Smart... inspect before you buy!

At CAR MRI, we use state of the art equipment to provide all the information you need to assess the condition of a car for purchase, sale or performance health, which should give you complete confidence to make an informed decision about your next car purchase. CAR MRI takes the fear out of the buying process and the guesswork out of auto repairs.

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Powertrain Inspection

Powertrain describes the main components that generate power and deliver it to the road surface. CAR MRI's Powertrain Multi-point Inspection extensively checks the vehicle's engine, cooling system, exhaust, computer and control systems, drive shaft, and transmission.

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Chassis Inspection

The chassis is the skeleton of the vehicle that holds the main structural components together and provides the car's strength and rigidity. CAR MRI's Chassis multi-point inspection covers brakes, fluids, pads, suspension, steering, wheels, tires, alignment, frame, and battery charging system.

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Body Inspection

The exterior panels of the vehicle and interior passenger compartments make up the body. CAR MRI's Body Inspection covers everything from the lights, glass condition, air conditioning, heating, dashboard, locks, mirrors, seat operation, to the entire exterior body panels which in include bumpers and trim pieces.

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Performance Check-up

A quick, mechanical evaluation of the car's health condition. CAR MRI 's Performance Check-up ensures your car is properly functioning and safe to drive. From fluids to brakes and battery to wheels, every car in the family should be evaluated through this Multi-point check-up.

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